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Rancher Project

Directions for viewing entry:

Click on the Onedrive link to the PDF provided above. Scroll down through the page to see all 9 construction documents compiled into the PDF.

Click the button for the full size photo or complete project.

Project Description:

Using Revit 2021 I created a 3D model of a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom rancher style home. The rancher also includes two covered porches on the front and back of the home. Casework and appliances were also installed into the model for added detail. Annotations explaining the placement and composition of construction materials were also included in the documents. I decided to create this model to test my knowledge and learn more about using the Revit program. The final product of the 3D model, the construction documents, were compiled and exported in a PDF file for ease of access.

CAD Architectural Grades 9-12

For Category Descriptions and Judging Criteria, go to Categories & Regulations. To record your score for this entry, head to the scoring form.

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