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Digital Communication and Professionalism Worksheet

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Project Description:

As a SkillsUSA Maryland state officer, I was in charge of putting together a presentation about a workplace skill to present virtually via Zoom to groups of high school students. The topic I chose for my virtual presentation was “Digital Communication and Professionalism” because I notice a lack of formal writing skills and direct, concise communication digitally in high school students. As a part of my presentation, I created a worksheet for students to fill out, which you are viewing as my Media Expo submission. The worksheet was created using Microsoft Word exclusively and was built from scratch without a template. The worksheet reviews appropriate times to send digital messages, how to properly formate an email, rules for making and receiving phone calls, a reminder about correcting vague pronouns (a common grammatical error in student writing), and how to create an email signature. The worksheet also includes spaces for students to interact with the sheet by circling the time frames for each communication method in the “Appropriate Times Chart” section and creating their own email signature in the “My Email Signature” section. The choice to create the worksheet in grey-scale is intentional, as I wanted all of the students to see the same exact sheet and had to consider that some schools or students would not have access to a color printer.

Digital Design Informational Graphic Text Grades 9-12

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