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Giraffe vs Everyone

Directions for viewing entry:

I think all that is needed is a screen to watch on :)

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Project Description:

This is a Lego stop motion I created because I thought it would be silly but maybe even a little touching. A giraffe is stuck between a group of bullies, but he is able to fight most of them off. One of the bullies decides to help the giraffe, and together, they fight off the attackers. By the end, rather than harming the main bully like he did to the giraffe, the giraffe and his new friend make peace with the bully instead. I want to take a stance against bullying in a way kids will want to understand. This stop motion was 555 pictures, and it was made using a mobile app called “Stop Motion”. To make this project I used Legos and the “bullies” happen to be the infamous Spider-Man villains: Shocker, Lizard, Mysterio, Hobgoblin, and Sandman.

Video Animation Stop Motion Grades 9-12

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