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SDTV Breaking News - Large Asteroid Heading To Earth

Directions for viewing entry:

Large Asteroid headed towards earth

Click the button for the full size photo or complete project.

Project Description:

I created my asteroid science project using I took multiple videos and trimmed them down and added them together. I also added graphics and animations as a layer on top of the video I recorded. I chose a template from Canva and edited that to change the name of the News Program (SDTV - Stephen Decatur TV) I also edited the ticker at the bottom on different clips to show what I was talking about.

I introdcued Dr. Boris Oliver as a new character.

Clips and art I used:
1. Ellen Degeneres -
2. Asteroid Gif -
3. Asteroid Explosion - ?
4. Chicxulub Crater -
5. Fossil Image - Mr. Wilsons Google Classroom doc
6. Missile/Asteroid -
7. Missile Animation - Maddy Tapley original
8. Newtons Law of Motion -
9. 2nd Law -
10. 3rd law -
11. Asteroid 2 - ?
12. 14 hour -

Video Compilation Video Grades 6-8

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