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Fruity Pebbles Commercial

Directions for viewing entry:

Click the link, and the link should direct you to the video. If not, then click the bottom file, or “Fruity Pebbles.MOV”

Click the button for the full size photo or complete project.

Project Description:

I have entered a fruity pebbles commercial I filmed with my Comm Arts class. I directed everything in the video, and had my classmates star in it. I chose fruity pebbles because that is my favorite cereal and the only cereal I’m willing to eat with milk, and my idea went along with fruity pebbles, as they are colorful. I used iMovie for all the editing and GarageBand for the music in the background. I had to do quite a bit of editing to get to get the music to fit in with the video. I took all the videos and photos myself, along with making the music.

Video Live Action Video Grades 9-12

For Category Descriptions and Judging Criteria, go to Categories & Regulations. To record your score for this entry, head to the scoring form.

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