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Sailor Moon and Luna

Directions for viewing entry:

Any program that reads jpeg. 

Click the button for the full size photo or complete project.

Project Description:

This is a digital drawing of Sailor Moon and her cat Luna from the popular anime series “Sailor Moon.” This is my original artwork and my own interpretation of these two characters. I used the drawing software Procreate to design this art piece. I used three different brushes included in Procreate to help create the finished deign. In total, I used twenty layers of design to help incorporate gradients and shading into the digital drawing. I drew this artwork of the characters from “Sailor Moon” because I love the anime and it inspires me because the show has strong female role models that demonstrate that with the help of teamwork, you can save the day. Anybody who is a fan of the anime “Sailor Moon” will enjoy this art piece I’ve created. 

Digital Design Original Single Art Piece Grades 6-8

For Category Descriptions and Judging Criteria, go to Categories & Regulations. To record your score for this entry, head to the scoring form.

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