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Cottage-Style Home

Project Description:

After graduating from high school, I will be attending a four-year or five-year program at university for architectural engineering. I designed this Cottage-Style Home using AutoCAD architectural sketches and Autodesk Revit to build my skills and gain experience in CAD programs before I go to college. This two-story, single-family home with an angular, asymmetrical roof and dormer is my first entirely independent Revit project and the first project where I used AutoCAD sketches to form a foundation for the project. I did not create this project for a class or a graded assignment. The interior of the home includes a kitchen, dining room, mudroom, utility closet, two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, living room with an open ceiling to the second floor, office, and one car garage. The seven sheets include exterior renderings, interior renderings, floor plans, schedules and tags, and elevation views. I feel as though a CAD project - especially an architectural CAD project - is never quite complete, for there are so many details I could continue to edit for hours and still not deem the project finished. I am aware that there are many errors in my project, but there are also many errors I was able to solve and learn from. I hope that the CAD skills I build by working on these Revit and AutoCAD files translate into the architectural engineering softwares (Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, etc.) that I will be expected to use in college.

Directions for viewing entry:

Open “Cottage-Style Home” either by downloading the pdf or using the Microsoft Office 365 link. Seven sheets (A10-A70) in color should be visible. The lettering is small, so zooming in or printing onto paper may be necessary.

Click the button for the full size photo or complete project.


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