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Supernatural Psychology

Project Description:

The website has articles about the 3 main characters of Supernatural, a popular TV show that surrounds monster hunting, and some of the psychological views about said characters. This website may be used to read for fun, or for those in the Supernatural community that are interested in psychology. I used WEebly to create the program. All credits are due to the sites I sourced and to the cast and crew of Supernatural, I own nothing of theirs.

Directions for viewing entry:

The website has a few buttons that will send you to different pages, such as the discover button, the sources button, and each of the photos in the discover page. Most buttons are identified in the website.

Click the button for the full size photo or complete project.


For Category Descriptions and Judging Criteria, go to Categories & Regulations. To record your score for this entry, head to the scoring form.

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