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My Little Getaways

Project Description:

I made this video for people who are at home and need to relax. I took many small videos at the boardwalk and beach with the camera on my I-pad. I used I movie on my I-pad to put them in an order I liked and glued them all together. I turned off the sound of the video clips, and I chose a background sound track that matched my boardwalk scenes. I had a lot of fun picking the transitions between the clips. I used a few video "filters" but not too many. I found some sayings about adventure and getting out there and put them on the clips with the "titles" tool. I cut some of the clips down that were too long. Some times I would make a clip run faster or slower to make the video flow better. I proofed and polished the video, and then I added a still screen that says "thank you for watching" at the end.

Directions for viewing entry:

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