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A.I.N. Breaking News!

Project Description:

In science class, we learned about a mysterious channel that was found on Mars. We gathered different information and put them together like puzzle pieces. As you learn about in the video, evidence F is the final piece of the puzzle. A conglomerate rock that was found at the end of the channel. You will learn more about it in the video. For a final project, our teacher asked us to create a green screen movie that explains how the channel was created. The class was talking behind the camera so the volume isn't crystal clear but you can still hear what I'm saying. I had fun making and editing this and I hope you enjoy the little twist at the end! I give credit to a few of my classmates Kiernan and Kiara who filmed half of the video and played the "surprise" at the end. I also give credit to iMovie where I created the green screen movie and Final Cut Pro where I edited the details. Hope you enjoyed!

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