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The Rivers of France

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Hello there, hope everyone is doing well! This is the first of many more photos to come from my trip to France. I also traveled to the border of Switzerland, the Swiss Alps, and Germany. This was a trip for not only my family but also our extended family. We were all fortunate enough to go there for the holidays and spend Christmas together. But this exact photo was taken in Strasbourg France the day after my plane had landed. For most of the days we were in Europe, we walked around to see the wonders of it all. I thought this was a fantastic photo to start with. The tree perfectly hanging over the water, the beautiful green grass with the blue sky, and the gorgeous reflecting river. All of it shows off the natural beauty of France while only being slightly edited to make the colors POP! (Oh and all of these photos were taken off my phone, no professional camera or anything like that. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is just amazing with the cameras, especially being able to zoom in 30X! That you will see later.)

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