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Digital Design Original Single Art Piece Grades 9-12

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no specific instructions needed unless you want to zoom in some places for better detail. I have entered a mountains painting created on photoshop. Mainly it was an end project for combining all we know about Photoshop in PMAC and putting it into one artwork. We each had our individual take on a picture and I loved how mine looked in the beginning however it started to look dull overtime so I added more lines and detail to make the foreground pop out more so I'm really proud that I added some more shadows, lights, and grass details to the foreground so it doesn't get blended in with the middle ground. For the main painting I did it on photoshop which was hard without a pen and only using a mouse and touchpad. The main highlights, shadows and external details I did over procreate as I have more control and can be more precise on my details through the painting. I'm really proud on how the picture turned out and I hope the judges may also like the painting I created.

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Projects must be designed digitally. Entrants are encouraged to be creative and incorporate clip art, photos, and interesting fonts in the appropriate projects. However, if copyrighted elements are used, be sure they are considered Fair Use or provide written permission in your documentation. Any copyrighted or Creative Commons materials should also be credited on your entry form.
Entries should be submitted using either a PDF or image format. See your Media Specialist for assistance.

Judging Criteria

Content Achieves Purpose

The purpose of your production should be apparent to your audience. Some thread of unity carried out in the production should be easily determined by your plan and purpose.

Content Suitable to Audience

The choice of subject matter should be
appropriate for the audience indicated. It should take into account aspects of the audience
including age, gender, knowledge on a subject, etc. Will the specified audience care about the
content of the production? Would the story or message be clear to the audience?


An entry should be a statement of your own ideas that you wish to communicate to your audience. If you develop your idea in an interesting or unusual manner, your production will have Creativity. Judges will be looking for the freshness or novelty of an idea or method. The ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner should be apparent.


Judges will be looking at the overall design of your production including font size, font type, and the arrangement of words and graphics.

Overall Effectiveness/Presentation

The production should make a strong impression. Judges will rate the general effectiveness of your product by how well it clearly expresses your ideas.

Appropriate Design Techniques/Resources

Judges will look for the way in which a particular technology has been utilized to its fullest potential in the development of the project.

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