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Interactive Media Presentation Software Grades 3-5

Entry #:


Entry Title:

All about crabs

Project Description:

I made a Keynote, but it won’t let me submit a Keynote. So I changed it to a Power Point and it doesn’t look the same.I made a Keynote about crabs.Around this area, we eat a lot of crabs and I wanted to encourage people to not pollute.Polluting can hurt sea creatures.It’s important to Marylanders, fishermen, crabbers and people that like crabs and want to learn about them.

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Web quests and webpages must be available online. Interactive worksheets, PowerPoints, e-portfolios, or blogs may be entered using the student’s Office 365 account. All hyperlinks should be functional. Webpages created entirely by original code will be entered in Coding. Directions and a direct link for accessing your online entry must be included on the entry form.

Judging Criteria

Content Achieves Purpose

The site or production serves its stated purpose (educational/informational or personal/entertainment)

Content Suitable to Audience

The site or production is well designed and suited to the intended audience?


The creative elements enhance the usability and appeal of the document.


The site or production includes interactive elements which are visible, understandable and reliable.

Overall Effectiveness/Presentation

The site or production should effectively express the intended purpose. It should be clear, neat and creative in its visual appeal.

Appropriate Design Techniques/Resources

The site or production uses fonts, colors, graphics and icons which contribute aesthetically.

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