Categories & Regulations


Computer Programming

Use developmental software or write original code to develop games or functions. To enter a product as original all code must be written by the student.


Create web sites, web quests, and PowerPoints with embedded hyperlinks. All entries must be interactive.

On Screen

Create a PowerPoint, videotape, animation, or any combination of media. Entries must have sound.

Through the Lens

Participants may enter up to 6 photos with only 1 per category. For each subject category, photos may be entered in color or monochrome.

On Paper

Use a computer program to design either a digital work of art or informational text and graphic item. Projects may include digital art, digital collages, brochures, pamphlets, cards, infographics, and more.

Through CAD

Use computer programs to create and submit designs or technical drawings in one of four categories. Designs may be submitted either as plotted drawings and or as digital files.