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Use computer programs to create and submit designs or technical drawings in one of four categories. Designs may be submitted either as plotted drawings and or as digital files.


Using appropriate computer programs entrants will create and submit their designs or technical drawings in one of four categories. Design must be submitted as digital files. Worcester County Public Schools, through project Lead the Way, has access to AUTOCAD, INVENTOR, and REVIT, all by Autodesk Corporation. Submissions using other programs are allowed, however, each entrant is responsible for making a copy of that software available to the judges when the work is to be judged in a digital format. Projects in this category are created using computer aided design (CAD) software and the finished product is a 3D rendering of their design. Recommended Programs: TinkerCAD, AutoCAD, Fusion360



Submissions must be created using computer software. The completed files must be submitted as a digital program file.

Helpful Hints

Entries must be packaged in a way that they can be easily accessed using an electronic link. The link can be copied and pasted into the entry form at Both the project and the program required to run it must be included in the entry if not available online. Operational procedures must be included on the entry form and explained to your Media Specialist.

Judging Criteria

Content Achieves Purpose

The project meets a clear and focused purpose. It addresses a question/problem that needs solving in student’s life, school, community or world.

Content Suitable to Audience

Does the idea have practical applications? Is there a well-defined, significant market for its use?


What makes the design novel? Does it represent an important advance over the current state of design? The product is innovative and displays a new approach to solve a question/problem.


The drawing or design presentation should be complete such that all of the needed information to fully understand and execute the design is included in the submission. Technical drawings are typically accompanied by dimensions and notations, which add up to a complete understanding of the item or space defined by the drawing.

Overall Effectiveness/Presentation

Line weight, line style, dimensioning, use of scales, use of blocks and borders and are all neat, with an excellent overall visual presentation.

Appropriate Design Techniques/Resources

There are many software programs to help create designs and convey these designs effectively. Choosing the right software for the subject can dramatically affect the ease with which designs are created and communicated. Under this criterion, judges will also be looking for evidence that student designers explored and employed elements of the software program to aid them in the creation or communication of the design.

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