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Welcome to Media Expo 2022

All the Tradition

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Schedule of Events:

View the 601 entries submitted to the County Level Media Expo. Not sure where to start? Entries are organized in a variety of ways to help you find what you need:

Join students, families, and community members as we connect and share the digital designs of Worcester County Public School Students. The chat will be moderated by the Worcester County Public Schools Librarians. Head to FaceBook to join the conversation.

Student work will be recognized with silver and gold medals during a pre-recorded ceremony premiering at 6pm. Join Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Jennifer Sills, and all the Worcester County Public Schools Librarians as we celebrate our students. Stay through to the very end for a special presentation of this year's Library Media Specialist Award. Head to FaceBook to watch.

What about the medals?

School Librarians will arrange distribution following the event. Check with your librarian for more information.


Media Expo

A Worcester County Public Schools
tradition since 1975

The Worcester County Media Expo celebrates our students’ use of media and technology as a way to meet educational goals and creatively communicate with local and global communities.​​

We believe that the Worcester County Media Expo will...

  • inspire students to try innovative forms of technology as a way to express their talents, knowledge, and understandings.​

  • foster a sense of pride and confidence in their technological skills.​

  • encourage collaboration between students, teachers, parents, and community.

  • allow community members the opportunity to have a greater understanding of WCPS’s continuing technology goals.

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