Elementary/Intermediate Schools

Berlin Intermediate


Media Specialist:  Stacy Lloyd            SSLloyd@worcesterk12.org



Entry Deadline:  January 9th    




Buckingham Elementary


Media Specialist:  Caitlin Bunting            CRBunting@worcesterk12.org



Important Dates:  December 10th         All "Through the Lens" photos due for the school-level competition (Photos do not                                                                  need to be mounted yet).  Photos that are advancing to the Media Expo will                                                                     be sent home with official entry forms that participants will need to complete. 


                                                             Finalists, please see Mrs. Bunting if you need help mounting your photos.

                               January 8th              All completed entries (including properly mounted photos) and all Official Entry                                                                         Forms due.  Mrs. Bunting will put the official label on the back of entries.



Ocean City Elementary


Media Specialist:   Amy Wright               ALWright@worcesterk12.org



Important Dates:  January 7th      All Media Expo projects (and completed paperwork) will be due on Jan. 7th.


                               January 8th        School run-off


                               January 13th      All advancing photos must be matted and returned no later than Jan. 13th.      


Pocomoke Elementary


Media Specialist:  Janet Corbin                JLCorbin@worcesterk12.org



Important Dates: Monday, December 10th     Deadline to submit photos for the PES Media Expo.

                             Tuesday, January 6th          All Photos, Projects, and Official forms are due.



Showell Elementary


Media Specialist:  Kate McCabe              kamccabe@worcesterk12.org



Entry Deadline:    January 10th




Snow Hill Elementary


Media Specialist:  Meaghan Axel          MEAxel@worcesterk12.org



Entry Deadline: January 10th




Middle Schools

Pocomoke Middle


Media Specialist:  Jennifer Beach                 jnbeach@worcesterk12.org



Important Dates:  December 13th               Intent Forms due

                              December 20th               All photographs and Photography Official Entry forms are due                                                                     On Paper, Online, and On-Screen intent forms due

                              January 7th                    All complete Media Expo Entries and Official Entry Forms are due

                                                                         Online, On Screen, Computer Programming, & CAD Entry Form



http://www.pocomokemiddle.org/                        On Paper & Through the Lens Entry Form

Snow Hill Middle


Media Specialist:  Beau Williams                   bbwilliams@worcesterk12.org



Entry Deadline:    January 4th                               Online, On Screen, Computer Programming, & CAD Entry Form


                                                                              On Paper & Through the Lens Entry Form


Stephen Decatur Middle


Media Specialist:  Cheryl Brown                     CLBrown@worcesterk12.org



Important Dates: January 4th                       All entries are due for the school level competition. Photos do not have

                                                                     to be mounted until after the school runoff (by January 9th).

                             January 10th                     All entries chosen to advance must have completed paperwork turned in                                                                      


                                                                            Online, On Screen, Computer Programming, & CAD Entry Form


                                                                            On Paper & Through the Lens Entry Form

High Schools

Pocomoke High


Media Specialist:  Jack Cleveland              jccleveland@worcesterk12.org



Entry Deadline:     January




Snow Hill High


Media Specialist:  Brittany Hulme-Tignor        bdhulme-tignor@worcesterk12.org


Entry Deadline:     January 8th                         Online, On Screen, Computer Programming, & CAD Entry Form



                                                                         On Paper & Through the Lens Entry Form


Stephen Decatur High


Media Specialist:    Mary Cosby                 mecosby@worcesterk12.org



Important Dates:   January 6th                 All entries are due to Mrs. Cosby for the school level competition.


                               January 7th                SDHS judging of entries to advance to the county.


                               January 8th                All entries chosen to advance must have completed paperwork turned in/ or 

                                                                submitted online



County-Wide Schools

Cedar Chapel Special School


Media Specialist:  Beau Williams        bbwilliams@worcesterk12.org


Entry Deadline:    January 5th                               Online, On Screen, Computer Programming, & CAD Entry Form



                                                                             On Paper & Through the Lens Entry Form




Worcester Tech


Media Specialist:  Clay Reister                      hcreister@worcesterk12.org


Entry Deadline:  



Worcester County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies:

Supervisor of Human Resources; Worcester County Board of Education; 6270 Worcester Highway; Newark, MD 21841.