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Scrapbook Life by Brooke

Project Description:

I generated this digital scrapbook from a blank document in the Microsoft Office Pages program. First, I used a free parchment paper template to use as a scrapbook background. Then, after turning a variety of photographs to black and white or silvertone, I strategically placed them in an random, but balanced, manner around the page. I used a variety of frames to add to the scrapbooking theme. I also included a live LINK to add greater dimension to the project. I used a lot of tools while creating the project including image sizing, text wrapping, bordering, shape insertions, color changes, bordering, and shadowing.

Directions for viewing entry:

This project uses a scrapbook theme to create a picture collage. A variety of text fonts, colors, and sizes were used. Photographs were turned to black and white (silver tone and black noir) and were placed in the document using a variety of stylistic frames. Stickers and emojis were added for fun and to emphasis the “scrapbook” theme. There is also a LINK near the camera to my photography website, to make this document more modern and multi-dimensional. Many tools were used creating this document including strategic image sizing, image coloring, text wrapping, bordering, and shadowing.

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