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Megatron Summarizes Chapter Four of Precalculus

Project Description:

This entry was created as a project for Precalculus during my sophomore year. We were given a task to make a video summarizing chapter 4 of pre-calculus in any way we wanted. One of the scoring criteria for this project was creativity. I decided to do a stop motion project as a summary, using my MP-36 megatron as my main character. I spent 6 hours taking the footage and motions needed to edit the video in the Apple stop motion app that could be downloaded to the school iPads , and then another few hours splicing the various footage and pictures together in the movie editior that the school iPads use to end up with the results seen here. Along with this, I did the voice acting for it under a very thick blanket to remove as much background sound as I could, this took another 2 hours. I created it as not only a solid summary of the contents in chapter 4 of Precalculus, but as a way of doing it with some fun injected into the content.

Directions for viewing entry:

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