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Monkey Chooser

Project Description:

For AP Computer Science Principles, one of the requirements for the exam was to create an original portion of code, which could be integrated into a program. This is why I created the Monkey Chooser app. The app is for entertainment and educational reference purposes. It displays the image of various species of monkeys based on the user's input. The user can try searching for a monkey, choosing one from a dropdown menu, or by using the "Random Monkey" button. Monkeys are very interesting to me, so I wanted to base my project on them. The app was made using the App Lab on The program and its code was created from scratch. Credit for the source of the images used can be found by viewing the code.

Directions for viewing entry:

The link will take the user directly to the app. To view the code of the app, click the button that says "View Code" located in the top right corner of the page.

Click the button for the full size photo or complete project.


For Category Descriptions and Judging Criteria, go to Categories & Regulations. To record your score for this entry, head to the scoring form.

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