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Coding Original Code Grades 9-12

Entry #:


Entry Title:

Icarus' Revenge

Project Description:

W, A, S, D for movement. Silver shields provide a protective bubble for a short time, green shields restore health (shown in top-left corner by red hearts), and red shields upgrade weapon to do more damage. Taking damage (via touching the sun or fireballs) will reduce HP and lower the level of the weapon. Shoot the sun to reduce its HP (shown by stars at the bottom of the screen). Bring the sun's HP to 0 and you win the game, drop to 0 HP yourself and you lose. A game coded in for a random assignment in computer science that I put a bit more effort than I needed to for the basic assignment. Created mostly because I enjoyed making it and had spare time in class. Sprites used Code.orgs built-in sprite catalogue.

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All entries, from conception to final product, must be written or developed by the students entering the project. Entries must be packaged in a way that they can be easily submitted via a link on the school entry form. Both the project and the program required to run it must be included in the entry. Operational procedures must be included on the entry form and explained to your Media Specialist.
Coding entries often require specific software. If your program will not run without the software, the student must include a screen recording or screenshots showcasing what the code is intended to do. For example, students can screen record on their iPad, upload the file to OneDrive, generate a link and copy/paste the link in with their coding information to .

Judging Criteria

Content Achieves Purpose

Will anyone care about the content of your program? Is the subject or idea big enough to sustain the entire program? Is the use or message clear?

Content Suitable to Audience

Will anyone care about the content of your program? Is the subject or idea big enough to sustain the entire program? Is the use or message clear?


Create a computer program that clearly shows that you are using the program or code in interesting ways. This may include using content or code that is widely available, but not always used. This may also mean that the student has combined content and/or code in a way that is interesting or different.


Show evidence of planning and choice through all parts of your project as you focus on achieving the program's purpose. Show that the information or story is paced and developed in a way that keeps viewers interested and helps them understand your meaning.

Overall Effectiveness/Presentation

Does your program heighten viewer attention and interest? When the program is over, does it leave a meaning with the viewer? Does it grab the viewer’s attention?

Appropriate Design Techniques/Resources

Judges will be looking for complexity of code, creativity, originality, and presence of multiple levels.

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